Raspberry Pi Pinout

Coral Environmental Sensor Board

The Coral Environmental Sensor Board adds multiple environmental sensors and Grove connectors for external devices. It works with all 40-pin Rasperry Pi variants as well as the Coral Dev Board.


  • 128x32 OLED Display (SSD1306-based SPI interface)
  • Ambient light sensor (OPT3002, 0x45 on i2c bus)
  • Barometric pressure sensor (BMP280, 0x76 on i2c bus)
  • Humidity / temperature sensor (HDC2010, 0x40 on i2c bus)
  • Cryptoprocessor with Google keys (ECC608, 0x30 on i2c bus)
  • Four Grove connectors:
    1x UART
    1x I2C
    1x PWM
    1x 3.3/5V analog (using TLA2022 ADC, 0x49 on i2c bus)
  • General purpose button
  • General purpose LED


  • Fabricado por Google
  • formato pHAT
  • Alimentación 5v y 3v3
  • Usa 17 pines GPIO
  • Usa SPI
  • Usa I2C
  • 0x40: HDC2010
  • 0x49: TLA2021
  • 0x45: OPT3002
  • 0x30: ECC608
  • 0x76: BMP280
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Coral Environmental Sensor Board