Raspberry Pi Pinout


The MDB2Pi is a Raspberry Pi HAT which can serve as a MDB master (VMC), as MDB cashless peripheral, or as tracer for MDB Vending Machines. It takes care of the MDB specific 9-bit format, electrical and timing constraints. It forwards the MDB payload to the Raspberry Pi UART using a simple serial protocol. The MDB2Pi is powered through the MDB bus (10...42V regulated or unregulated supply) and back-powers the Raspberry Pi with up to 2.5A at 5V. Therefore, no separate power supply is required. Furthermore, the MDB2Pi contains a Real Time Clock (RTC), buffered by a super capacitor.

A housing for the MDB2Pi (and the MDB2Pi itself) is available at the Abrantix Web Shop: http://blog.abrantix.com/webshop/product/mdb-to-raspberrypi/. Alternatively, you can download a free 3D model here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2209661

For Configuration and further information, please see http://blog.abrantix.com/webshop/mdb-to-raspberry-pi-configuration/


  • Fabricado por Abrantix
  • formato HAT
  • Alimentación 5v y 3v3
  • Usa 6 pines GPIO
  • Usa I2C
  • 0x51: PCF8563
  • 0x50: 24C32
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