Raspberry Pi Pinout

Raspberry Pi NB-IoT Shield

It is a narrow band IoT (Nb-IoT) shield for Raspberry Pi. NB-IOT is very suitable for IoT applications with low power consumption. Shield also has the built-in 3-axis accelerometer, temperature, humidity, light sensors, optocoupler, and relay. If you like, you can also add your own sensors using the built-in 4 channel ADC.

Also using the USB connector you can use the shield with Linux, Windows and Android.


  • LTE BC95 Nb-IoT Module B20 800MHz
  • ADS1015 12 Bit 4 Channel ADC
  • Relay with optocoupler protection (24V DC, 120-220V AC Switching)
  • Optocoupler (3-12 V DC switching)- Built-in 3 axis accelerometer (MMA8452Q)
  • Built-In HDC1080 temperature sensor (-40 +125 C)
  • Built-In HDC1080 humidity sensor (0 100%)
  • Built-In ALS-PT19 ambient light sensor()
  • 1-Wire interface (3 male pins)(It can be used with DS18B20, DHT21 etc.)
  • I2C interface (4 male pins)
  • User button and LED
  • Micro SIM Socket
  • Built-in PCB Antenna
  • UFL socket for external antenna

Warnings ! All data pins work with 3.3V reference. Any other voltage level should harm your shield or RPI.

Applications - Smart farming sensor - Smart cities sensor - Smart home sensor - Internet of Things (IoT) sensor - Smart door lock - Smart lightning - Smart metering - Bike sharing - Smart parking - Smart city - Security and asset tracking - Home appliances - Agricultural and environmental monitoring


Raspberry Pi NB-IoT Shield